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Trusted by 8800 customers

Trusted by 8800 customers

About LearnQ Training & Solutions

At LearnQ Training & Solutions

we believe in the power of education to transform communities. Our Social Training Programs are designed to address critical social issues and promote a healthier, safer, and more inclusive society. We offer specialized training in key areas such as POSH Act Training, POCSO Act Training for Schools, Mental Wellness Programs, and CPR Training Programs.

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POSH Act Training

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act is a crucial piece of legislation aimed at ensuring a safe and respectful workplace for everyone. Our POSH Act Training programs are designed to educate employees and employers about their rights and responsibilities under the Act, and to promote a workplace culture of respect and dignity.

Key Areas Covered:

Overview of the POSH Act, its objectives, and scope.

Types of behavior that constitute sexual harassment and real-world examples.

Duties of employers, employees, and the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC).

Step-by-step guide on how to file and handle complaints.

Strategies to create a safe and inclusive workplace environment.

Our POSH Act Training is interactive and engaging, using case studies, role-plays, and discussions to ensure comprehensive understanding and compliance.

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POCSO Act Training for Schools

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act is designed to safeguard children from sexual abuse and exploitation. Our POCSO Act Training for Schools aims to educate school staff, parents, and children about the Act and how to create a safe and protective environment for students.

Key Areas Covered:

Overview of the POCSO Act, its objectives, and provisions.

Signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse and how to identify them.

Duties of educators, school staff, and parents in preventing and addressing abuse.

How to report suspected cases of abuse and the legal procedures involved.

Best practices for creating a safe and supportive school environment.

Our POCSO Act Training for Schools includes interactive sessions, workshops, and resources to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to protect children effectively.

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Mental Wellness Program

Mental wellness is a vital aspect of overall health and well-being. Our Mental Wellness Programs are designed to promote mental health awareness, reduce stigma, and provide practical tools for managing stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

Key Areas Covered:

Basic concepts of mental health and common mental health issues.

Techniques and strategies for managing stress effectively.

Building resilience to cope with life’s challenges.

Practices to enhance mindfulness and relaxation.

Identifying and utilizing support systems for mental well-being.

Our Mental Wellness Programs are conducted by experienced mental health professionals and include interactive activities, group discussions, and practical exercises to promote mental well-being.

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CPR Training Program

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving technique that can make a critical difference in emergency situations. Our CPR Training Program equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to perform CPR and provide first aid effectively.

Key Areas Covered:

Importance of CPR and how it works.

Step-by-step instructions for performing CPR on adults, children, and infants.

Essential first aid techniques for common emergencies.

How to use Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in conjunction with CPR.

Best practices for responding to emergencies and ensuring safety.

Our CPR Training Program includes hands-on practice sessions with certified trainers, ensuring participants are confident and prepared to act in an emergency.

Invest in the well-being and safety of your community with LearnQ Training & Solutions. Our Social Training Programs are designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make a positive impact. Contact us today to learn more about our training offerings and how we can support your social training needs.

Empower, Educate, Elevate – with LearnQ Training & Solutions.

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